Mission Statement

Mission Statement


TBU is an evangelical, interdenominational, multiethnic and multinational community dedicated to the preparation of men and women for the manifold ministries of Christ and His church. Under the authority of Scripture it seeks to fulfill its commitment to ministry through undergraduate, graduate and post graduate education, professional development and spiritual growth. In all its activities, including instruction, nurture, worship, service, research and publication, TBU strives for excellence in the service of Jesus Christ, under the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit, to the glory of the Father.

Evangelical Community:

The TBU community - Board of Directors, Faculty, Staff and Students - believe that Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Holy Scripture and proclaimed in the power of the Holy Spirit, is the only ground for a person's reconciliation to God.


Academic Excellence:

The Board of Directors and Faculty of TBU are committed to achieving and maintaining the highest academic standards in teaching, research and writing.

Faculty Council:

The Faculty Council of TBU acts as a decision making body for those matters for which it has responsibility and as an advisory board to the President and the Academic Deans, on educational policies and practices.

Christian Service:

In order to meet the demand of the church today, the Academic Board and Faculty of TBU take seriously the apostolic description of the church's nature - one body, many members. For this reason, all the programs of TBU are designed to provide for a wide range of Christian service.

Personal Maturity:

The Administration and Faculty of TBU believe that Christ's church must minister to the whole person. Emotional healing in Christian perspective is the particular goal of the Christian Counseling Department and this aim is shared by the entire school. The ultimate objective is that every TBU graduate be equipped to model as well as foster in others a personal maturity which is demonstrated by loving service to others and responsible Christian discipleship.

Social Concern:

The Administration and Faculty of TBU have a deep-seated concern to demonstrate and to evoke a quality of discipleship which applies to Biblical norms of love and justice in all human relationships.

Responsible Stewardship:

TBU is committed to a responsible stewardship of its educational processes, facilities and financial resources.