Master of Theology

Master of Theology
Required Courses:
These are arranged in three areas of study.

Core Courses: Mandatory for all TBU students

B-500-3 Advanced Old Testament Survey

B-510-3 Advanced New Testament Survey

Apologetics & Theology

A-570-3 Christian Apologetics

T-500-3 Hermeneutics and Prophecy

T-520-3 Core Beliefs of Christianity

T-530-3 Pauline Theology

T-565-3 Bible Doctrine I

T-566-3 Bible Doctrine II

T-620-3 Biblical Escathology

T-650- 3 Systematic Theology

T- 8 00-12 Theology Thesis

Biblical Studies

B-600-3 Book of Beginnings


M-680-3 Ministry Internship III

M-570-3 Elders and Church Lead