Master Degree of Chaplaincy Ministry

Master Degree of Chaplaincy Ministry
Required courses
: These are arranged in three areas of study.

Core Courses. Mandatory for all TBU students

B-500-3 Advanced Old Testament Survey

B-510-3 Advanced New Testament Survey


Chaplaincy Ministry

CM-500-3 Helping Chaplains Understand Grief

CM-520-3 Crisis Counseling for the Christian Worker

CM-550-3 Counseling Survivors of Sexual Abuse

CM-560-3 Christian Counseling for Substance Abuse

CM-570-3 Your Identity in Christ

CM-580-3 Disaster Spiritual Care

CM-620-3 Chaplaincy Mediation

CM-800-12 Chaplaincy Ministry Thesis

Christian Counseling

CC-500-3 Biblical Counseling I

CC-501-3 Biblical Counseling II


M-520-3 Developing Your Godly Vision

M-680-3 Ministry Internship III