Bachelor Degree of Christian Counseling

Bachelor Degree of Christian Counseling
Required Courses:
These are arranged in four areas of study.


Core Courses: Mandatory for all TBU students

A-100-3 Basic Apologetics

B-310-3 New Testament Survey

B-300-3 Old Testament Survey

B-320-3 Understanding the Grace of God

Christian Counseling

CC-180-3 Christian Disciplines

CC-200- 3 Christian Premarital Counseling

CC-210- 3 Christian Marriage Counseling

CC-220-3 Suicide Counseling

CC-270-3 The Soul of a Man

CC-300-3 Counseling God's Way

CC- 340-3 Effective Biblical Counseling

CC-350- 3 Establishing Boundaries Through Christian Counseling

CC-360- 3 Establishing Boundaries in Children Through CC

CC-370-3 Effective Christian Discipline

CC-380-3 Building Confidence in Children

CC-400-3 Excellence & Ethics in Christian Counseling

CC-410-3 Adolescent Counseling for the Chris tian Worker

CC-440-3 Overcoming the Fear of Man

CC-460-3 Understanding Depression

Apologetics & Theology

A-320- 3 The Cults & Occult

A-420-3 Defending the Biblical Jesus

T-250-3 Attributes of God

T-380-3 The Power of the Holy Spirit

T-430-3 The Teachings of Chris t



M-160-3 Avoiding Mistakes in Leadership

M-300- 3 The Ministry of Prayer

M-480- 3 Ministry Internship II

Elective Courses. In addition to the required courses , you will need to select 39 credit hours from the list of courses between numbers 200 to 500 in Chris tian Counseling, Apologetics, Theology, Biblical Studies, or Ministry.