Bachelor Degree of Chaplaincy Ministry

Bachelor Degree of Chaplaincy Ministry
Required Courses:
These are arranged in three areas of study.

Core Courses: Mandatory for all TBU students

A-100-3 Basic Apologetics

B-310-3 New Testament Survey

B-300-3 Old Testament Survey

B-320-3 Understanding the Grace of God

Chaplaincy Ministry

CM-100-3 Introduction to Chaplaincy

CM-180-3 Christian Disciplines

CM-200-3 Chaplaincy Ministry and Crisis Intervention

CM-220-3 Suicide Training for Chaplaincy Ministry

CM-240-3 Biblical Commentary on Domestic Violence

CM-250-3 Dangers for the Chaplain

CM-300-3 Pastoral Crisis Intervention

CM-350-3 Understanding Law Enforcement Family Issues

CM-400-3 Chaplain's Understanding of Ethics

CM-420-3 Ministering Through Communicative Skills

CM-460-3 Understanding Depression

CM-500-3 Helping Chaplains Understand Grief

CM-515-3 Ministering to Parents in the Death of a Child

CM-590-3 Independent Study

Christian Counseling

CC-140-3 Biblical Understanding of Emotions

CC-210-3 Marriage Counseling

CC-300-3 Counseling God's Way

CC-340-3 Effective Biblical Counseling

CC-400-3 Excellence & Ethics in Counseling


M-300-3 The Ministry of Prayer

M-340-3 Principles of Leadership

M-420-3 Lessons from David

M-480-3 Ministry Internship II

M-500-3 The Courts, Constitution & Religion

Elective Courses. In addition to the required courses, you will need to select 36 credit hours from the list of courses between numbers 100 to 400 in Chaplaincy, Apologetics, Theology, Biblical Studies, or Ministry.