Associates in Biblical Studies

Associate Degree in Biblical Studies
Required Courses: These are arranged in three areas of study.

Core Courses: Mandatory for all TBU students

A-100-3 Basic Apologetics

B-320-3 Understanding the Grace of God

Biblical Studies

B-110-3 Bible Study Principles

B-220-3 Minor Prophets

B-260-3 The Book of Acts

B-330-3 Romans

B-340-3 The Gospel of John

Apologetics & Theology

T-100-3 Basic Christian Theology

T-240-3 Introduction to Esctalogy

T-250-3 Attributes of God


M-300-3 The Ministry of Prayer

M-430-3 Great Men of Faith

M-480-3 Ministry Internship II

Elective Courses

In addition to the required courses , students need to select 21 credit hours from the list of courses between numbers 100 to 400 in Biblical Studies, Apologetics, Theology, or Ministry.